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Extraction systems are designed for intensive and professional industrial extraction of smoke and dust particles in various industries. Clean air provides good working conditions and raises the satisfaction of your employees. It is important for both your health and the environment that the irritating particles and aerosols generated during processing do not stay in the air, but are extracted, collected in containers, and disposed of appropriately. Maintaining the quality of your production and ensuring a longer life of your machines is definitely a priority, so extraction systems are your investment for the future.


Extraction system
ON-1,5, ON-2,2 and ON-3


Basic features

  • Extraction up to 3.100 m3/h.
  • The filter is blow-cleaned by a reduction gear-driven tube with nozzles that rotates inside the filter.
  • Possible regulation of the blowing frequency, number of revolutions and pressure of blown air.


  • High filter area and excellent self-cleaning of filters.
  • Large collection container with adjustable size. Possible attachment of a jumbo bag.
  • The system is on casters, allowing quick relocation.
  • With the installation of hoses, it is possible to use the extraction system for point extraction and as an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • The larger distance between filter pleats allows for better cleaning, smaller pressure drop when the air passes through the filter, and lower consumption of compressed air.
  • Efficient system due to adjustable flow rate setting.
  • Easy use in different work locations.


Explosion relief vents and fire extinguishing ampoules are installed for the extraction of flammable and explosive substances. They automatically detect high temperatures and fire, and extinguish the fire (even in the event of a power failure).

Types of devices

Model ON-1,5 ON-2,2 ON-3
Max. flow (m3/h) 1600 2520 3100
Pressure (Pa) 1200 2100 2500
Motor (kW) 1,5 2,2 3
Filter area (m2) 12 20 20
Filter cleaning Vibrations Automatic Automatic
Height (mm) 1740 2200 2200
Lenght (mm) 750 900 900
Width (mm) 750 900 900
Extraction hose diameter (mm) 110 180 180
Weight (kg) 92 190 200

Extraction system
ON-4, ON-5,5, ON-7,5, ON-11, ON-15 and ON-18,5


Basic features

  • High extraction capacity, high air flow up to 14.080 m3/h.
  • Touch screen for easier system management.
  • Self-cleaning filters.


  • The device detects filter clogging based on differences in differential pressure and increases the number of compressed air pulses.
  • Simple disposal of medium with transportable collectors that can be adjusted in size.
  • Long service life due to automatic filter cleaning.
  • Weatherproof housing, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Fast and easy system relocation due to attached casters.
  • The system is pre-assembled and ready for immediate use.
  • Purified air is usually discharged outside; however, in winter, the air flow can be redirected back into the room using a hatch to reduce heating costs.
  • Options of different filter materials, depending on the medium to be extracted.
  • Additional equipment option of automatic adjustment of extraction capacity according to needs.


Optional installation of explosion relief vents and fire extinguishing ampoules for automatic fire suppression.


  • For high levels of smoke and dust saturation, where point extraction is not possible.
  • For large workshops, where the main activity is welding, cutting, grinding, powder coating.
  • For robotic welding line, laser cutting, plasma and flame treatment.
  • For timber industry.

Types of devices

Model ON-4 ON-5,5 ON-7,5 ON-11 ON-15 ON-18,5
Max. flow (m3/h) 4700 6250 7600 8300 13100 14080
Pressure (Pa) 3200 4400 4900 5400 5800 6400
Motor (kW) 4 5,5 7,5 11 15 18,5
Filter area (m2) 40-66 60-109 80-152 100-195 120-238 140-281
Filter cleaning Samodejno Samodejno Samodejno Samodejno Samodejno Samodejno
Height (mm) 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300
Lenght (mm) 2500 3200 3900 4700 3900 4500
Width (mm) 900-1100 900-1100 900-1100 900-1100 1900 1900
Extraction hose diameter (mm) 225 250 300 350 400 450
Weight (kg) 840 950 1100 1300 1480 1600
How it works

Key components

Radial fans

Extraction systems are equipped with high-quality radial fans of our own manufacture. They generate an air flow of 1600 m3/h to 12,600 m3/h.

Radialni ventilator

Waste collection containers

Integrated containers for collection of extracted particles are located under the filters. Their available capacity can be checked through dedicated sight glasses. Containers are equipped with casters for easier and quicker emptying.

Fire extinguishing ampoules and explosion relief vents

When extracting flammable substances, fire extinguishing ampoules need to be installed. When a fire breaks out, the ampoule is automatically activated and extinguishes the fire, even in the event of an electrical outage. Explosion relief vents relieve the pressure inside the system.

Noise silencers

For better working conditions, we provide square silencers that absorb noise generated during the operation of the extraction system and filter cleaning. The interior is made of perforated sheet metal, wrapped with felt, glass wool and an outer coat.

Dušilec zvoka


Depending on the purpose and needs of extraction, we will recommend the appropriate shape, size and material of the filters, which will provide a suitable filter area and thus quality air treatment.

We use filter cartridges with a pleated system, which ensures the highest filtration effectiveness. The pleated material and technologically advanced cartridge ensure an even space between the pleats and corresponding air flow, as well as long-term effectiveness of the filter. The filter frame is produced in house, whereas filter materials are supplied from renowned manufacturers.

Vrste filtrov

Filter categories

  • Cellulose filters (for removing dust).
  • Oil and water resistant filters (oil mist filtration).
  • Teflon-coated fire-resistant filters (for flammable particles).
  • Antistatic filters (for dissipating static electricity).

Different filter shapes for various sizes of filter areas:

Različne oblike filtrov

Večjo filtrirno površino dajejo globoki pliti:

Additional Expansion options

Star-shaped dispensers

If necessary, we install star-shaped dispensers that prevent the intrusion of air and precise removal of larger particles from the cyclone.

Zvezdasti dozatorji

External water filter

When extracting sparks, we recommend the additional installation of a water filter, which extinguishes sparks before the entry of contaminated air and prevents the possibility of ignition. Suitable for grinding, welding or other metalwork.


For larger surfaces and quantities of extracted medium we recommend the use of cyclones. When choosing a cyclone, you should keep in mind that cyclones of smaller dimensions are more efficient than larger cyclones, so it is better to choose a double smaller cyclone. The flow ranges from 800 to 20,000 m3/h.


Equipment for distribution of extracted medium

Spiral hoses with a diameter of 100 to 1400 mm, control valves, transport fans, various connecting and forming pieces, larger collection troughs, screw conveyors, jumbo bag holders, mounting brackets and clamps.

Extraction lines

For easier distribution of the medium, we can arrange a transport line for the removal of material according to your wishes and needs. Suitable for materials such as filings, granules, sawdust, etc.

Odsesovalna linija

Example of using an extraction system in combination with a laser:

Odsesovalna linija primer
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