How did it start?

The beginnings of the Rehar company date back to 1990, when the founder, Rudolf Rehar, bought the first lathe and started the production of brass net curtain rods in a home garage. Soon after, his wife Dušanka Rehar joined him and helped him to open a craft workshop. In 1994 we built the first workshop of 250 m2. The work program expanded to more and more brass products, with which we equipped various rooms. Due to the expansion of the program and the purchase of new hardware, it was necessary to enlarge the workshop, so in 2001 we added an extension and enlarged the business premises to 600 m2. In 2006, the company changed its status from s.p. to d.o.o. Over the years, the trend shifted mainly to stainless steel products: railings, staircases, curtain rods, bases and other custom equipment. Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves through our ingenuity and solving even the most demanding challenges of our clients.

The past years have brought us many business challenges and opportunities for the development of new products.

Podjetje Rehar

The development of new programs

The new millennium brought a new impulse to research in the field of air extraction and air purification, which initially came from our own needs. In our powder coating line we wanted to offer our employees the friendliest possible working conditions. Research in the field of airborne dust particle extraction has led to new products. Extraction systems, industrial vacuum cleaners and other products feature innovative technologies and successfully solve business challenges and improve air purity. We have been in the market for 30 years, but we still look to the future with big goals and are constantly researching new technologies. In 2020, daughter Vesna Rehar joined the company, for whom quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important, which is also a great motivation for further successful work and the possibility of expansion into foreign markets.

In our profession we have become a recognizable and specialized company in our region. Sustainable development has become a key strategy of our company. With our products we want to expand the network of socially responsible companies.

Clean air for better health and work environment.

Company information

Kovinopasarstvo Rehar d. o. o.
Zaloška Gorica 12
SI-3301 Petrovče

T: +386 (0)3 710 20 20
M: +386 (0)70/401-802

VAT ID No.: SI 12402010
Registration No.: 2161745000


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